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    [ 嘉定镇睦邻家园 ] 日历创意与设计



    Shanghai Jiading Good-Neighborly Community Service Center is consisted of 338 Good-neighborly Points from 17 communities in Jiading Town. The organization emerged originally from the needs of making connection in the neighborhood, officially constructed in 2007 as a voluntary, self-organized small group, maintained features of grassroots masses and autonomy. Through effective community self-organization to build a new neighborhood, the organization sets up effective system of community service and management with the help of various forces. Jiading Good-Neighborly Community Service Center has formed an internal ability of effective governance and self problem solving.

    上海市嘉定镇睦邻家园汇聚了嘉定镇内17个社区的338个睦邻点。最初源于居民邻里结群交往的需要,是嘉定镇2007年正式开始建设的社区居民自愿参与、自行组织的小团体,保持着草根性、群众性、自治性特征。 通过社区居民有效自组织,构建新型邻里关系,嘉定镇睦邻家园借助各种力量建立了有效的社区服务体系和管理体系,形成社区内部有效治理与自我解决问题的能力。

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